Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Piracy in the XXI Century

It seems that we are getting used to see more and more reports of hijacked commercial vessels in the Somali maritime vicinities. This is a typical case in which failed states and a poor representation of marginalized sectors of the population can become a threat to the security of others around the world.

Given the growing intensity of these attacks and piracy incidents, it is necessary, even imperative to approach this security not only by the use of military force, but to look at the causes for which these individuals incur into criminal activity. Having grown in an environment in which extreme poverty and violence as a constant companion, and the lure of obtaining big money by subversive and violent activity, it is a simply comparable to the many criminal elements that exist around the world as a byproduct of poverty.

Without taking away the place of protection of civilians, as well as law and justice, it is necessary to offer this irregular sector of the horn of Africa an exit to poverty and human insecurity that would make the violent path of more resistible, unattractive, and simply non viable. Otherwise, it will be other irregular actors, namely global terrorist networks that might seize the opportunity to grow, disseminate and contaminate more areas of the globe. Somehow we need to present an healthy economic alternative to A Pirate's Life.